Introduction to Machine Embroidery – Poconos

Intro to Embroidery

Learn all about best practices for embroidery including: threads, needles, stabilizers, proper hooping methods, registration, troubleshooting common embroidery issues, loading and editing designs on your machine, digitizing principles, embroidery stitch types, applique […]

Learn Your Brother Embroidery Machine – Poconos

INTRO TO Your Brother Embroidery Machine

Learn how to use your Brother embroidery machine. We will discuss the following: threading your machine, winding bobbins, attaching the embroidery foot, arm, and hoop, loading and editing designs (rotating, scaling, positioning, & mirroring), adding monograms and text (sizing & positioning text), and embroidery machine functions such as embroidery sewing speed and color stepping. We will also go over how to update your machine with the latest firmware. Please remember to […]

Artist Palette Bag

Artist Palette Bag

Learn how to make this creative artist palette bag. This course will cover how to embroider in-the-hoop (ITH) bags. The following techniques will be discussed: adding zippers, applique, multi-hooping, fabric […]

Pencil Case Bag

Pencil Case Pens

A perfect project for the start of the new school year. Create your very own embroidered pencil case. In this class you will learn how to create your own lining, […]

USA Flag Bag

Flag Bag

Create your very own patriotic flag bag entirely in the hoop! Learn the process from start to finish on how to embroider ITH bags. The following techniques will be discussed: […]

Go Fish Game

Go Fish Game

Fun for the whole family! Create this in-the-hoop (ITH) “Go Fish” game. This project will include 6 sea creatures (fish, octopus, shark, seahorse, starfish, and crab) and fishing pole parts […]

Banners and Pennant Pillows

Banner Pennant Pillow

Learn how to create in-the-hoop banners and pennant pillows. Great for upcoming sports events or family parties and functions. Techniques covered will be the following: appliqué, attaching grommets, creating pillows, […]

Embroidering Towels


Beautiful monogram towels are a perfect gift for the holidays or special event in someone’s life. This course will teach you the proper way to embroider towels. We will discuss […]

Crazy Quilt Sewing Wallet

Crazy Quilt Sewing Wallet

Create an ITH (in-the-hoop) “crazy quilt inspired” sewing wallet. Learn the following techniques: applique, attaching hidden snaps, creating credit card slots for wallets, adding a zipper, pathing when digitizing to […]

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