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    Born & raised in New Jersey, my background is in computer animation, graphic design, & American history. I’ve had the pleasure of working at the Walt Disney Company and on projects for The History Channel. My passion is to combine American history and art. From the time I was a child, I can remember crafting at the kitchen or dining room table, never knowing what creation was about to be made. And to this day, I still have that same feeling.

     I began embroidering in 2019 when Disney’s D23 held a design contest for the 50th Anniversary of the Haunted Mansion. I decided to enter a jacket with patches. By the end, it had 45 patches featuring the Haunted Mansion attraction. Many embroidery techniques were employed, such as redwork, applique, hand embroidery, and specialty threads (glow-in-the-dark and metallic). To my delight, I placed third and haven’t stopped since.

(To read more on this design challenge, click here).

Flag Bag Closeup
Flag Bag Closeup
Mary Nesnay by her coat
Mary Nesnay by her coat

     Since then, I have learned the art of digitizing and tested a myriad of patch-making methods before finally perfecting my craft. While there are many techniques that can be applied to creating a patch, I believe my method creates the sharpest and cleanest results.

     In 2021, I embarked on ITH (in-the-hoop) embroidery projects, which I found quite fascinating. Within 3 months, I was crafting my own designs, writing detailed tutorials, filming “how-to” videos, and teaching classes. I continue to create new ideas and add patterns to the shop.

     For information on the in-person class schedule, please contact me at: mary@starspangledheart.com 

Company Founding

     It was some Christmases past, and I will always remember how I named the company. My mother had gone to a market and found the most perfect Christmas gift for me. When mom returned home, she was so excited, that she had to show Nana & Papa. But before she could say, “Look what I have for Mary,” Papa had reached into his pocket and said, “How much? I want to give this to Little Mary.” Without hesitation my mother wrapped the present and handed it to him.

     Christmas Eve came, and we all gathered at Nana & Papa’s house as was, and still is, tradition. One by one we each opened our presents. Then, it was my turn. As Papa handed me the gift, I could see the absolute joy beaming from his eyes. I knew this was something special, something I would treasure my entire life. As the wrapping paper fell to the floor, I realized how well they all knew my heart, soul, and spirit. There are few presents one receives in life that are so precious and prized, that you carry so very close to your heart, and this was one such gift. Little did I know this would be his last Christmas with us.

USA Navy Flag
USA Naval Flag
Nana & Me
Christmas with Nana

     It would be some years later when admiring this poster that the inspiration for the company name came to me. It is the truest representation of myself. And so, I ask –

“Are you a girl with a star-spangled heart?” 

I am.

GWASSH Poster WW2 (loc.gov)
Christmas Poster
Christmas present from My Dearest Friend, Papa

The Products

     Each handcrafted item is designed with a nostalgic feel in mind. I also try to incorporate history whenever possible. I mostly work in paper and fabric. All finished products are designed and crafted in the U.S.A. {Materials are sourced globally- some in America and others abroad}.

Beach Badge Patches Group
Beach Badge Patches Group
Votes for Women Patches Group
Votes for Women Patches Group

*Note: Girl with a Star-Spangled Heart is a part of Heritage Cards, LLC.

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